Monday, 2 February 2015

February 2015

Sunday Worship

1st February - 10.30am. Café Church, led by Revd Simon Oliver
                                    toast and drinks from 10.15am
includes children’s group 

                        - 6.30pm. At St. George's, Chesterton - Taizé worship
                                    United service with St. George's & St.Andrew's   (in the vicarage)

8th February - 10.30am. All-age Café Church  - with Girls’ Brigade
                                    Toast and drinks from 10.15am 

                        - 3.00pm. Communion service led by Revd. John Barrett

15th February - 10.30am. Communion service, led by Revd Alison Walker & Deacon Ian
                                    includes children’s group

22nd February - 10.30am. Morning Worship, led by Revd Briant Smith & Deacon Ian
                                     includes children’s group

1st March        - 10.30am. Café Church, led by Deacon Ian
                                    toast and drinks from 10.15am

Thursday Fellowship
The next meeting will be on 26th February at 2.30pm. Jenny Martin will be our speaker - Jenny is a volunteer who helps to manage the foodbank centre here at CMC.

Joint services with St. Andrew's & St.George's
An opportunity to join friends at our two local parish churches for a monthly, joint evening worship or event.
On March 1st, at 6.30pm it will be at St. Andrew's - Message in the movies: 'Iris'. More details to follow soon.