Sunday, 3 May 2015

May 2015

Sunday Worship
3rd May           - 10.30am. Café Church, led by Deacon Ian
                                    toast and drinks from 10.15am
10th May          - 10.30am  Morning Worship, led by Revd Simon Oliver & Deacon Ian
                                    includes groups for children and teens

17th May          - At 3.00pm
A special service for Christian Aid Week – ‘Change is Possible’
All-age worship & ‘Afternoon Tea’

24th May          - 10.30am. Communion Service, led by Revd John Barrett & Deacon Ian
                                     includes groups for children and teens

31st May          - 10.30am. Morning Worship for all ages, led by Deacon Ian

7th June          - 10.30am. Café Church, led by Deacon Ian
                                    toast and drinks from 10.15am

Christian Aid Week 2015
This year, Christian Aid Week will run from 10th – 16th May.
At CMC we are organising a special service to mark the end of Christian Aid Week, on Sunday 17th May at 3pm.  Everyone is invited and it will be suitable for all ages. After the service there will be cakes and refreshments and we hope to raise some money for Christian Aid through donations. There are special envelopes available if you would like to make a donation and add a ‘gift aid’ declaration.

Annual Church Meeting at Wesley Church
At CMC we are very closely linked to Wesley Methodist Church in the city centre, and we are combined together under one ‘church council’.  Over time we are developing our understanding of how this relationship can work to its best and benefit everyone. Every Methodist church will usually have an annual meeting to which all its members and friends are invited to attend and to which various reports are made about the life of the church and some keys officers are appointed. There are also conversations about the life of the churches, although these will focus more on Wesley than Chesterton at our meeting.

The annual meeting this year will be at Wesley, on Tuesday 19th May, at 7.30pm. Copies of the reports will be available on request, and even though there is more about Wesley (which is a bigger church) you may still find it all interesting and helpful. Ask Ian if you would like to know more. It would be great if at least a few from Chesterton were able to attend the meeting.

Did you know?  There are four people from Chesterton who are members of our joint church council when it meets – Rachel Hallam, Alex Kyek, Terry Horton & Rosemary Tice.

Thursday Fellowship

The next meeting will be on 28th May at 2.30pm. Joyce Goodall from Royston Methodist Church will be our speaker.