Our Mission & Vision

Chesterton Methodist Church

Mission Statement
We seek to be a loving christian community
Where all will find a welcome
We worship together, learn together, serve together
And witness together to the love of Jesus Christ

Our Vision for the future
·         To enable growth in faith and discipleship
·         Continue to develop fresh ways of being church, as well as valuing tradition
·         We want to develop the church premises to be a vibrant and high quality  resource for the church and for the wider Chesterton community
·         We commit to working in partnership with others wherever possible
·         Develop our skills and talents and encourage each other to volunteer
·         Continue to have a particular commitment to all children and young people, through church groups, uniformed groups, links with schools ...
·         Respond to other community issues as best we can
·         Enjoy ourselves – have fun!
·         Celebrate our part in the Cambridge Methodist Circuit
  Develop and value our connection with Wesley Methodist Church