Redevelopment Plans

The Methodist Church locally and regionally, is committed to seeing its community in Chesterton flourish. As part of that overall vision there has been a very significant refurbishment of the church premises during the first half of 2017 - what we have called Phase 1 of an exciting redevelopment. 

We are working on the hopes for a Phase 2!

You can see some photos of the progress of Phase 1 on the church facebook page ...

Please make contact if you would like to know more, are interested in partnering with the church, or would be interested in using the renewed facilities.


The current church premises have three multi-purpose rooms of varying sizes, a kitchen, WC’s and an office. They have been transformed so that they now serve the current needs of all its users. Around £0.5m has been spent.

The Methodist Church has funded Phase 1 with some of the proceeds of sale of Sturton Street Methodist Church following its closure in September 2014 and eventual sale in December 2015.

Further work is currently underway to assess the likely costs of Phase 2 which centres around the building of a new community coffee shop in front of the existing chapel, facing on to Green End Road. We look forward to sharing these plans with the local community in the future.